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Welcome to YOUR rsfa PORTAL

an independent franchisee association of School of Rock® Franchisee Owners
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What is the RSFA?

Welcome to the portal for the RSFA, the independent franchise association for owners of School of Rock® locations throughout the world. We are very excited about the collective knowledge within the Owner community. Our membership includes some brand new Owners with a diverse set of skills as well as seasoned Owners with 'been there - done that' expertise.  The information sharing and fashioning of best practices within the RSFA organization creates the opportunity for more profitable schools and better experiences for our clients.

 The attendees at our first Owners Conference (2018) in Nashville/Franklin, TN

RSFA 2018 Conference

Owners Helping Owners April 20-21, 2018

The reviews are in...

Everything was even better than we expected!

I cannot remember a more valuable conference experience. The presenters were all professional and knowledgeable and I came back with pages and pages of ideas!

Great balance of information and fun. Learned so many things that can be implemented easily and gave me plenty of things to think about for long term.

I was incredibly impressed by the thoughtfulness that went into each presentation by busy owners like myself. Every detail was considered and well-executed.

I learned a wealth of information that will help me be successful as an owner. The presentations on digital marketing and money saving/making ideas were tremendously valuable. It was also great to meet and socialize with a group of other owners and build a network of experienced friends with vast tribal knowledge.

The conference was excellent. The presenters were prepared with valuable material. The discussions were lively and informative. The sessions stayed on time and on task. I would go to another and I would recommend it to others.

Most of our interactions are typically in sound bites via FB or at Corp conferences. FB is time consuming and not always deep enough and at Corp conferences are too heavy with Corp presentations. This conference really allowed us all to share OUR experiences and go into depth, specifics and action steps. It addressed the WHAT and the HOW. Relevant topics.


  • Provide a clear and consistent channel of communication for our franchisor. Let’s face it, we are not always the easiest group of people to pin down with the various business functions owners cover. The association allows us to collect our thoughts, harness collective knowledge and clearly communicate that information to our franchisor.
  • Provide a functioning group to work with our franchisor to make School of Rock® the best franchise system out there, grow the brand and enhance value to franchisees so that we keep growing.
  • Provide consistency, follow-up and accountability. We are all each busy running our own businesses. Having an association where tasks are divvied up allows us to efficiently work on projects, keep each other accountable and effect positive changes as needed.


  • Open a constructive dialogue with our franchisor. We want to discuss if franchisees are doing everything they can to enhance the brand; and provide School of Rock® with consistent, tangible input as to how they can help enhance our businesses and provide value for franchisees.
  • Discuss renewal terms and franchise agreements to ensure that we retain well-performing franchisees in the system, and make the system attractive for new and expanding franchisees. A growing, vibrant franchise system not only helps the franchisor, but increases the value of our businesses. The best way to grow the system is to enhance the value provided and make being a franchisee (or existing franchisees want to renew/expand) as desirable as possible.
  • Initiate a process for implementing best practices and collaborative feedback for both franchisees and School of Rock®. This will be a working group to effectively propose and help implement operating standards, support, training, etc. This will allow School of Rock® and all franchisees to effectively and efficiently direct time and resources towards priorities and initiatives that will enhance and grow the brand and franchisees’ businesses.


It's simple...our association of Owners and their staff can provide a broad resource of knowledge and best practices that can significantly supplement what the franchisor provides. The association started IN 2015 with a group of 16, owning 23 franchises in the US and internationally, that realized the benefit of an independent association and are serving as the initial leadership.

Our membership includes single-unit and multi-unit operators, so the membership understands the challenges. 

No franchisee can effectively accomplish what we all can by pooling resources. We are busy running our own businesses, and often get caught up in our “own little worlds.” Through an association, we have a diverse group of members, a forum to share, and hear each other’s ideas, learn from each other, and then communicate a clear, reasonable and consistent message to School of Rock®. The issues addressed through an association are common to the vast majority of franchisees. Dealt with individually, School of Rock® would be constantly “putting out fires.” Dealt with collectively, we can all prioritize matters and work on them together, efficiently and cooperatively, until completed. We simply cannot do this acting alone.

What Our Members Say About The RSFA

'By hearing how other RSFA owners structure their franchisee company and take some income from the business, I was able to change what I was doing and was able to save many times what the RSFA dues were in taxes'

'It's convenient to be able to ask other owners a question on pretty much anything and get a variety of viewpoints and best practices'

'I heard from another RSFA member how they handled ticket sales and was able to save a lot of money on sales tax'

'The ideas I have gotten from the other owners in the RSFA have made me a better manager of my staff' 

'By discussing options with fellow members, I was able to save about $5,000 a year on my insurance premiums by going to a different carrier. Great value for my $250/year dues!

RSFA - an independent franchisee association of School of Rock® Franchisee Owners.

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