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an independent franchisee association of School of RockĀ® Franchisee Owners
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We value the expertise of our RSFA members and are able to share best practices and lessons learned from our member owners.   These best practices allow us to continue to grow our programs through innovation and 'out of the box' thinking, while managing costs to the best of our abilities.

Our member owners have deep expertise in marketing, communications, human resources, curriculum, copyright and business management, and are very willing to share that expertise to help the overall School of Rock brand grow.  Some of this expertise could be exactly what a new owner needs to get things ramped up quickly or provide guidance to an issue a more experienced owner is having.

We have our own Facebook groups for RSFA Owners as well as RSFA Staff, and have deployed a RSFA Facebook Workplace for specific initiatives such as copyright and event planning, as well as RSFA Board specific communications.

Of course, you need to be a member to be able to see and take advantage of this content. So if you are a new School of Rock franchisee or been around a few years, this is the perfect time to join.

RSFA - an independent franchisee association of School of RockĀ® Franchisee Owners.

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